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Whether it be the centerpiece of a sumptuous bathroom, or standing fierce on a corner, your bathtub will always catch the eye of your guests. A well-designed bathroom will always need a suitable bathtub, and Arati provides you with what you are looking for: an elegant and light tub which is way more than a luxurious accessory.

Vintage Bathtubs

An exquisite selection of elegant vintage bathtubs for your bathroom

Oval Bathtubs

Functionality and comfort: a timeless shape for modern furniture

Rectangular Bathtubs

Design at its best. Give your bathroom a completely new soul

We convert your bathroom into a living space of your home

Arati makes it possible for you to choose your bathtub, shower elements or bathroom furniture, keeping an eye on design and style, but still taking care of the environment.

Shower Columns

Shower Trays



Born with a clear idea of elegance, Arati is a company that stands on three solid cornerstones: devotion to the concept of design, respect of its customers, focus on the sustainability of its production process, logistics and business policies.

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