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To create a perfect combination for your bathroom, your shower will need an elegant and solid shower tray. A range of diverse materials, styles, sizes is offered as a solution to all your design issues, in order to conceive a suitable space for that relaxing moment which is your shower. Lines, shades, visual effect: we offer only the most interesting solutions.

Small Shower Trays

For small spaces and great designs.

Medium Shower Trays

The perfect size to fit into yout bathroom.

Large Shower Trays

A wider complement to improve the pleasure.

We convert your bathroom into a living space of your home

Arati makes it possible for you to choose your bathtub, shower elements or bathroom furniture, keeping an eye on design and style, but still taking care of the environment.


Shower Columns



Born with a clear idea of elegance, Arati is a company that stands on three solid cornerstones: devotion to the concept of design, respect of its customers, focus on the sustainability of its production process, logistics and business policies.

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