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When your bathroom becomes an architectural project, you can not avoid to go with the flow. That is why Arati prepared a wide range of possibilities for choosing your shower. You can design the perfect space yourself, by choosing a modern shower tray, a smart and unique shower faucet or column, with all the accessories you would like to connect.

Design Shower Columns

Fine designs for unique experiences, these are our Shower Columns.

Classic Shower Columns

Steel thermostatic shower columns, simple design for great performance.

Hydromassage Shower Columns

A relaxing and colorful waterfall, to fully enjoy a moment of pure pleasure.

We convert your bathroom into a living space of your home

Arati makes it possible for you to choose your bathtub, shower elements or bathroom furniture, keeping an eye on design and style, but still taking care of the environment.


Shower Trays



Born with a clear idea of elegance, Arati is a company that stands on three solid cornerstones: devotion to the concept of design, respect of its customers, focus on the sustainability of its production process, logistics and business policies.

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